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Top 5 Video Games for the Non-Gamer

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Breaking into the gaming space can be beyond intimidating, especially if you’ve never tried it before and don’t have anyone to teach you (and yes, I’m calling myself out here…) 

If you’re looking to try some fun yet casual games, here are my top recommendations as a no-longer-newbie gamer.

1. Minecraft

My favorite game from middle school through now, Minecraft can be played in many different ways. From building the most elaborate creations you can dream of (or simple–no judgment!), to exploring the vast world and its many biomes, to defeating the Ender Dragon, or even simply surviving each monster-filled night, it’s a perfect game for many different personality types. 

Minecraft is also an excellent game to play with friends (I’ve certainly passed many afternoons playing both with and against my own)! Between online servers that allow players to compete in minigames like Turf Wars and Bridges and the Local and Realms features for IRL friends, you’ll be sure to find ways to socialize.

A final reason that Minecraft is a favorite amongst casual gamers: you can play it from your phone, tablet, or computer!

2. Untitled Goose Game

A very fun game with a very horrible (or silly–depends on your perspective ;) goose! Your primary job: annoy the humans as much as possible! Whether you’re playing by yourself or with a friend, this game will entertain, puzzle, relax, and amuse. 

Untitled Goose Game is available on a variety of platforms here.

3. Super Mario Bros

This game took up a few hours of my childhood (Okay fine. Maybe more than a few). Featuring a dastardly set of villains, a princess, and her friends (cough) henchmen (cough), you’ll traverse many realms in an attempt to defeat the infamously evil turtle, Bowser. Your friends can even help you out as the princess’s other helpers!

While I played on my Wii, Mario is available now on the Nintendo Switch!

Rescuing not your style? Nintendo also has a variety of other Mario games (like Mario Kart!) available here.

WARNING! These last two recommendations are for slightly more serious (yet still casual) players:

4. Subnautica

Simply put, Subnautica is an ocean-based survival game—except with a few mysteries…and dark twists. Featuring beautiful graphics plus a plot sure to draw in even the least adventurous, I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough. While Subnautica can only be played alone, your adventures will certainly be fun for friends to watch and cheer you along. 

Subnautica is available on Steam for both PC and Mac here

5. Portal 2

A self-proclaimed puzzle game, Portal 2 allows players to navigate through a set of challenges through, well, portals. While you play, you’ll even get instructed bullied by everyone’s favorite supercomputer, GLaDOS! Portal 2 can also be played in multiplayer mode, solving portal puzzles as two robots named Atlas and P-Body.

Portal 2 can be played on both PC and Mac, as well as PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. 

I hope you’ll try some of these favorites of more casual gamers such as myself. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this list in the comments!

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